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Economic Justice

“We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all the civil and political rights that belong to citizens of the United States, be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever.”
—Susan B. Anthony

  • Women, Work and Community-The mission of Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community (WWC) is to improve the economic lives of Maine women and their families by increasing their income, assets, and earning potential and their overall quality of life.
  • WAGE Project-The WAGE Project, Inc is a 501(c)3 charitable, tax-deductible organization established for one purpose: to end discrimination against women in the American workplace in the near future. To do that, WAGE inspires and helps working women to take the steps needed so that every woman is paid what she’s worth.
  • The Women’s Employment Committee of the Maine Jobs Council-The Committee highlights women’s employment issues, develops recommendations to the Maine Jobs Council, and supports initiatives that remove barriers preventing women in Maine from attaining complete economic success and security.
  • Women Unlimited-Have you ever considered a career in the trades? In technical fields? In transportation? Then you’ve come to the right place! We provide you access to trade, technical, and transportation careers, and support you when you get there.
  • Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP)-The mission of Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) is to find solutions to poverty and improve the lives of people with low income in Maine.
  • Business and Professional Women/ME (BPW)– Maine Business and Professional Women (BPW/ME) is an organization which supports working women and whose vision advocates for successful work environments that are equitable and provide work-life balance for all women. Its mission is to empower working women to achieve their full potential through advocacy, information and education.

About MEJP

Our Mission
Our Roots
Where We’re Located
Board of Directors

2009 Annual Report (this is a large .pdf file; may be slow to download)

2008 Docket Report (summary of our work in 2008; .pdf document)

Our Mission

The mission of Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) is to find solutions to poverty and improve the lives of people with low income in Maine. We accomplish our mission through:

  • Public policy advocacy in the legislature and with governmental agencies
  • Legal representation and impact litigation on systemic issues
  • Statewide outreach and training on issues affecting people with low income and the supports that can help them prevent or move out of poverty

MEJP focuses its work on the issues that affect people’s daily lives – access to adequate health care, food and income security, supports for working families, and higher education and training opportunities.

MEJP’s advocacy is on behalf of and informed by individuals with low income, including our primary client – the Maine Association of Interdependent Neighborhoods (MAIN). MAIN is a statewide coalition of low-income individuals and groups, formed in 1980 for the purpose of creating a network of people and organizations that seek economic and social justice for Maine’s low-income families.

Our Roots

In 1996, Congress passed legislation that prohibited Legal Services Corporation grantees, such as Pine Tree Legal Assistance, from representing low-income people in the Legislature, before administrative agencies, and in significant class action litigation. Thanks to the vision and support of Maine’s legal community, including the Judiciary, the Bar, and legal service providers, Maine Equal Justice was formed to continue these vital advocacy and litigation services. Since its inception Maine Equal Justice has developed expertise and experience in representing the interests of people with low income in Maine. Our highly qualified staff has extensive knowledge of federal and state law and policy, and the issues facing individuals and families who are struggling to move out of poverty. MEJP takes pride in its leadership role and commitment to improving the lives of Maine people with low income.

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Where We’re Located

The office of Maine Equal Justice Partners is located at 126 Sewall Street in Augusta, across the street from the State Office Building and Capitol Building.  Our mailing address is 126 Sewall St., Augusta, ME 04330.  Get map and directions to our office.

Staff     Contact Us

Sara Gagné Holmes, Executive Director
Crystal Bond, Paralegal/Organizer
Jack Comart, Litigation Director
Deborah Curtis, Associate Director
Christine B. Hastedt, Public Policy Director
Ana Hicks, Senior Policy Analyst
Robyn Merrill, Policy Analyst
Chris Rusnov, MAIN Liaison
Jennifer Sanborn, Administrative Assistant

2009 Board Members


Kathy Moore, President
Waterville, ME
[Term expires January 1, 2010]Charles Dingman, Esq., Vice President
Preti Flaherty Beliveau Pachios & Haley
Augusta, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2012]Jerrol A. Crouter, Esq., Treasurer
Drummond, Woodsum & MacMahon
Portland, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2011]Beverly Baker
Director Family Support Program
Maine Parent Federation
Augusta, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2012]Jan Gorton, MD
Appleton, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2011]

Rachel Lowe
Auburn, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2010]

John McCall
First Congregational Church
South Portland, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2011]

Rachael Newman
Southern Kennebec Child Development
Augusta, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2010]John Pelletier, Esq.
Administrative Office of the Courts
Augusta, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2011]Debra Reece, Esq.
Rudman & Winchell
Bangor, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2012]Tammy Trask
South China, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2010]Sharon Treat, Esq.
Executive Director
National Legislative Association on Prescription Drug Prices
Hallowell, Maine
[Term expires January 1, 2012]

organization names given for identification purposes only

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